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Kroger Community Rewards Program

The new Kroger Community Rewards fundraising program began May 1st, 2009. Kroger is no longer tracking eligible purchases through the reloadable gift cards. Instead, once you register your Kroger Plus Card to the Ohio AAA BlueJackets (see enrollment instructions below), your Kroger purchases will be tracked every time you swipe your Plus Card. Commission percentage is based on the Ohio AAA program's total usage (as compared to all organizations enrolled in the program). So, the more members we have participating, the higher our earnings! (up to 5%)

Be sure to have your family, friends and neighbors register their Plus Cards and start earning on your behalf! Once they are registerd, email their names to me, so we can credit their earnings to your account.
***Participating families MUST re-enroll Kroger Plus cards in May of each year to remain enrolled in the Community Rewards program. Go to for more information.***

To enroll:
click on OHIO
click on sign in/register (upper right)
enter User ID/Password info
click on ENROLL
enter/edit Kroger Plus Card info (card number is under UPC symbol on back of your Kroger Plus Card)
in the "Find Your Organization" box type in the code: 81227
click on Ohio AAA Bluejackets
It should display your account information along the right-hand side. Make sure it indicates that you are affiliated with the Ohio AAA program.
Your Kroger receipts will also indicate (at the bottom) that you are linked to the Ohio AAA BlueJackets.

Joe Vidrick

***If you are having difficulty registering your card, or if you would like to get a pre-registerd Plus Card, contact Joe Vidrick at the above email address

***as with all our fundraising opportunities, earnings from the Kroger program is credited on a per-family, by participation basis