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The Ohio AAA Blue Jackets are setup with a “Shop With Scrip” account utilizing “Presto Pay”.  This is a fundraising opportunity for families to earn more reward dollars, which are credited directly to each family.  There are thousands of gift cards available for purchase.  Not all cards are treated equally, some gift cards earn more than others.


Each family that wants to participate must sign up at:  as well as sign up for presto pay.  We will not be accepting checks for payment or exchange any money.


Below is the signup information.  Orders will be release once a month.  The Gift Card order will be shipped to my house, I will contact the families for pick up options.


If you have any questions, please contact Joe Vidrick at:  


Go to:      

Click: Family Sign Up link

Fill in Steps 1 thru 5, then click “I Accept”:

Enter your challenge questions:

Join the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets, enter the Enrollment Code:   5C66DBAF263L9

Once your account is set up you must sign up for PrestoPay.  We will not be accepting Checks for payment:

Go to “My Account” on top right, then click on “Presto Pay” on the left and continue with setup:

It takes 2 business days to setup, when your setup is complete, please send me the information that will be provided to you so I can complete your presto pay activation.