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Ohio AAA Blue Jackets FAQ’s
1.     What were the fees last season?
            a.     U18 - $4700
                  b.     U16 - $4700
                  c.     1998’s - $3900
                  d.     1999’s - $3900
                  e.     2000’s - $4400 includes Quebec
                  f.      2001’s - $3600
                  g.     2002’s - $2900
2.     What will fees be this season?
            a.     Fees are likely to increase some due to increase in ice costs as well as added merchandise included in the fees.  Budgets are still being worked on and have not been finalized due to game format changes to the Tier 1 Elite Hockey League.
3.     What is included this season with your fees?
The Team Fee covers all team related expenses except the coaches’ travel, hotels & per diem (estimated - $150-$250 for season). Fees cover the following:
            a.     All Practice and Game Ice
                  b.     Training Camp and Skill Weekends
                  c.     Head Coach & Assistant Coaches for each level
                  d.     Strength Coach – 4 older teams
                  e.     Power Skating - 3 youngest teams
                  f.      Goalie Coach – All 7 Teams, on ice each week with each team
                  g.     All administrative costs
                  h.     All League Fees
                  i.      All Tournament / Showcase fees
                  j.      All Referee costs
                  k.     Practice Jersey & Pro Practice Socks
                  m.    Pro Home and Away Game Socks
                  n.     Team Bag & Team Gloves
                  p.     Team Tracksuit, Team Sweatsuit, and Team Shorts, Long sleeve T-shirt, Short sleeve T-shirt
      You will be responsible for your own travel costs plus your share of the coach’s travel costs. Coaches Travel Expenses are billed towards the end of the season and include hotels, gas and per diem.  Game Jerseys and pants or shells are not provided and are available for purchase through AAA Blue Jackets at a discounted rate. 
4.     If I do not make the AAA team, are the AAA tryouts tied to any other travel team?
            a.     No. If you do not make the AAA team, the AAA tryouts have no bearing on any other travel team. You will have to tryout again for whichever team you decide.
5.     If I make the AAA team, what are the next steps?
            a.     After tryouts are complete, each family will receive a phone call regarding the results of the tryouts for their son or daughter. If an offer is extended, we ask for an answer within 48 hours. Upon acceptance, you will be presented with a Player Agreement to be signed and returned with a $500 commitment fee to secure your roster spot.
6.     Can I Play on more than one team?
            a.     If a player is rostered on an Ohio AAA Blue Jackets Tier I team, that player is not allowed to be rostered, practice and or play for any other team regardless of classification (ie: A, AA, or house).
7.     When does the season begin?
            a.     Mandatory practices will begin mid to late August.
8.     What kind of commitment level is required playing AAA hockey?
            a.     Playing AAA hockey is an elevated commitment level. Players are expected to be at all practices, off ice workouts and games.
9.     Are teams allowed to do fundraising?
            a.     Yes, We encourage each family to fundraise. Many fundraising initiatives the AAA program supports directly benefit the family participating. Those who are willing to put forth the effort will reap the reward. This past season we had some families raise over ½ their fees through fundraising.
10.    Are tryouts open or by invite only?
            a.     Our Tryouts are open. Any youth player who meets the age eligibility requirements as determined by USA             Hockey is invited to participate in the tryouts. Tryouts are mandatory for all players whose objective is to play for the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets.
11.   What if I cannot make a tryout session?
            a.     If a player is unable to attend one of their scheduled tryouts, they must notify the Program Coordinator or             Assistant Program Coordinator prior to the start of tryouts. The coordinators will determine whether a player will be assigned to a make-up session if one is available.
12.   How can I tryout if I am injured?
            a.      Most teams will look to complete the roster coming out of tryouts. If your child is injured, the             Parent/Guardian of an injured player must contact the Program Coordinator or Assistant Program Coordinator with a written doctor’s excuse, prior to tryout sessions. 
                  b.     An injured/ill player must be cleared by a doctor to play, before being evaluated. Once a player has been             cleared, an evaluation will be conducted as long as there are roster positions still available
13.   How many games will the team play?
            a.     Our teams will play on average 45-65 games pending the age group