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Refund Policy

Ohio AAA Blue Jackets has a No Refund Policy


Tryout fees are not refundable.  If a player becomes injured before tryouts and the player will not be cleared to return to play by tryouts the player can request a refund.  In order to be considered for a refund, a written Doctor’s report must be submitted to the Program Coordinator.


Program fees are non–refundable. Balances will not be carried over to the next season. Once an offer is made and the position on the team is accepted the parent or the legal guardian assumes financial responsibility for the entire season fee.


All fees must be paid in full. Any player who leaves Ohio AAA Blue Jackets without paying the entire season fee will be reported to USA Hockey as “not in good standing”. Releases to play in other organizations will not be granted until any balances are satisfied in full.


Any member who does not satisfy an outstanding balance from any prior season with CAHA, CCYHA, EYHA or the Ohio AAA Blue Jackets will not be allowed to register for any Ohio AAA Blue Jackets program until the balance is paid in full.


The Board of Directors at its sole discretion will review requests for refunds for season ending injury or family relocation. The Board may also review requests for refunds for other extraordinary circumstances at their sole discretion. All refund requests must be made in writing to the Program Coordinator who will present them to the Board. All requests must have verifiable evidence of injury, relocation or other extraordinary circumstance. If the board does grant a refund, it will be a pro rata portion of the unused fee. No refund requests will be considered past November 25th of the current season.